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Whatever your hiring plans are, Intelligent Minds can find the right person for your team.

Who are we?

Intelligent Minds is an experienced and successful global recruitment business based in Toronto, Canada with successful search assignments across Canada, the United States, Australia, UK, UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

We deliver outstanding candidates for digital roles across IT, Sales & Marketing, Management and creative. Our services range from single hires to covering complete outsourcing solutions involving business change.


Permanent Hire

The Intelligent Minds team are specialists in every aspect of recruitment. It starts with “fit”. Those almost intangible soft skills that make the role and the candidate and the company and the team and the manager fit together.

Finding “X” years of experience in “Y” is easy after all that.

Any search firm can check off a list of technologies on a job description to those on a resume. They can also put up a posting online or wherever. But is that what you pay them for?

If you want to work with an agency that will work for you, I mean, really work for you, then call us.


Whether you need a contractor who can start work immediately, a freelancer, or in need of an interim solution, our contract services are ideal, as we won’t let the absence of personnel affect your business.

Great. We have 5 developers available for a 10 person project. Now what?”

It happens everywhere. The IT group is just big enough to keep the lights on but when you need to upgrade the light bulb there’s nobody to do it. We can help you find those light bulb changers. Of course, it’s always a mad panic to find contract resources at short notice, isn’t it? Nope.

If we’ve done our job right then we may well have received early word on a potential project or you may have an ongoing need. Either way, we find that our clients don’t seem to feel the pain of short term hiring that many companies suffer.

We find your pain points and address those issues. A lot of the time we’re looking for those resources way before you need them. Often, the SEARCH needs to happen ahead of the need in order to make project deadlines. And if the project gets canceled, that’s fine, it happens everywhere and it’s part of the job for us. We have a pool of resources to fit your requirements. We leave the SELECTION part up to you, but take the pain out of it, as we narrow the pool, and your decision can be based on “fit” rather than skill set.

It’s that easy. Call us. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Project Services

Our service will provide you with a flexible resource solution to kick start your project with an experienced team at a significant cost reduction. We have placed entire teams on major projects for startups, FINTECH companies, banks, telecoms, government bodies as well as program leads and interim CIOs for management consultancies tasked with large scale transformations.

Intelligent Minds project services are based on dedicated teams secured through compelling retained agreements.


Diversity is close to our heart and our home.

Embracing diversity and inclusion is, of course, the equitable thing to do to allow everyone a chance to compete and enter the workforce on their merits and skills. Recruiting efforts should always widen the talent pool. Diversity and growth are not just integrated, but inseparable.

The evidence is clear.

Companies that take the initiative and make diversity a core principle in how they do business have more engaged staff, can attract a broader talent pool and produce better financial results.

Our team

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With 24+ years of recruiting success in the US & Canadian technology professional services and IT resourcing industry I’ve honed my skills as technology, sales & marketing and professional services expert.

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We deliver outstanding candidates for digital roles across IT, Sales & Marketing, Management and creative.

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