“IT Staffing and Recruiting – The Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth”

Many so called “experts” swoon at the thought that there are “paradigm shifts” in the techniques and trends of the  IT Staffing and Recruiting industry. Over time, headhunters and recruiters have learned to use new tools to identify and contact the best people who can fill their clients open requirements. Change is one few […]

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Intelligent Minds Thought of the Day

Intelligent Minds Thought (rant) of the day:

Great cities and Great countries need GREAT PEOPLE to have BOLD VISION. (And to ENACT or EXECUTE that vision)

Does BOLDNESS & VISION even exist in Politics anymore?

We complain that only politicians RUN for office….not LEADERS….but which do we VOTE for when we get behind the curtain? They all kinda look & […]

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A Christmas message from the Intelligent Minds at Team Daley

A Christmas thought from Team Daley

Dear Family & Friends:

Let me begin by wishing you all a lustrous and joyful Christmas. In all the advertising hustle and seasonal bustle of Christmas, it is easy to get discouraged as the message of Christmas is lost somewhere between the electronic toys and AA batteries. But let’s ignore all that and […]

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Smart Questions to Help You Get Hired for the Job

You know “hire me” is what you are saying when you show up at a job interview with a professional appearance. “Hire me” is what you are saying when you have combed through your resume, carefully removing any errors, and have found solid references to support you when the human resources department sorts through applications. However, many hopeful interviewees […]

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Seven Tips for Nailing the Technical Interview

While the job market continues its tepid recovery, the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, also known as STEM, continue to show strong growth in employment opportunities for qualified candidates.

However, according to a surveys, nearly 50 percent of employers reported difficulty in filling empty IT, engineering and technician positions.

Intelligent Minds are hard to find?

While a lack of skills […]

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