Owner and Principal Consultant

(the mind behind Intelligent Minds)

For the past 18 years, Intelligent Minds has been led by owner / consultant Daryl Daley, a former (and once again current) member of the Canadian Forces and tenacious IT recruiter. He has a clear understanding of the IT market and an exceptional ability to facilitate the finding and successful hiring of the most sought after IT professionals for his clients. Daryl is capable of cutting through the clutter of any job requirement and getting straight to the meat of what a client is looking for in virtually any prospective IT position. He takes the time to learn his client’s business, their environment and culture – all key in the search process for the crucial “personality fit”. Daryl’s recruiting skills are used by a wide variety of organizations across many industries including telecom, finance, health, security and the software industry. Daryl has had particular luck working with start-ups during those crucial first few hires and again through their expansive high growth stages of their development.

Results oriented, creative and devilishly clever with expertise and connections in:

• Information Technology
• Strategic Recruiting
• Strategic Sourcing and “hunting”
• Social Media Recruiting
• Cold Call Networking
• “Secret Squirrel” in Intelligence

Here are a few things others have said:

“Daryl is…a most annoyingly persistent man, clever and tenacious, which is why he delivers the staff with the right skill sets”

“I’ve worked in the HR industry with various companies for the past 12 years moving up to Director of Recruitment at a major firm. I’ve brought Daryl along with me as an external “sober second thought” to our recruiting efforts. Where our internal efforts have failed to produce viable candidates for our business units, Daryl is the first one I turn to and almost always the one I write a PO for.”