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With the numerous Staffing firms out there, calling you daily just to “check in”, why would you want to partner with Intelligent Minds?  Why work exclusively with Intelligent Minds?

1.      Because we’re a bit more than the average recruiting agency! Intelligent Minds is a company that has an established track record with a number of exclusive clients.

  • We look for – and provide superior applicants
  • We act with honesty and professionalism
  • We take the time to know our client partners
  • We build long-lasting business relationships with our clients and applicants
  • We understand the difference between a good fit and a poor one
  • We are proactive

2.      Work with a specialty firm like Intelligent Minds – not a jack of all trades.  Intelligent Minds specializes in Information Technology or IT.  We have placed complimentary staff such as Designers within Web Dev firms and Sr Sales Execs who sell IT product and services but it’s always a search close to our core strength – IT.  Simply put, you want to work with people who know what they are talking about.  We’ve been doing IT right for the past 18+ years.

3.      At Intelligent Minds, we understand both the information technology needs of organizations and the desire of consultants to find challenging opportunities that will further their growth and development. We have a strong record of success in placing consultants in positions where they can thrive and be successful while helping our clients ensure a successful project.

4.      Our leadership team has strong ties to executives at direct clients and at large system integrators. We maintain a full pipeline of opportunities that we are constantly seeking to fill with qualified candidates.

5.      If you are looking for a company that you can trust with great people that can find you rewarding opportunities, then Intelligent Minds is the company for you.

Dynamic & growing companies like yours require experienced and reliable IT human resources to achieve operational and long-term goals of your department and organization.  It’s well known that in business, productivity and money are lost when an open position remains unfilled.  The same can be said when a desk is filled but with an employee who is “not the right fit”.

How do you, as a business owner or executive, stand to gain?

According to a major survey, companies use staffing firms for two principal reasons: flexibility and access to talent.
You’ll Profit From Work Force Flexibility

Nine out of 10 business customers rated flexibility as an important reason to use Intelligent Minds, saying it keeps them fully staffed during busy times. Whether it’s a specialist contract role to fill a key role on a project lasting a few months or a year—or a permanent job placement.
You’ll Enjoy Access to First-Class Talent

Intelligent Minds not only offers you work force flexibility—it can provide you with specialized skills for a particular project. If you need a Developer specializing in Java and UX design, for example, a call to Intelligent Minds will fill your need. In addition, Intelligent Minds can serve as a deep recruitment pool for your ongoing permanent hiring.
You’ll Save Time, Money, and Worry

Consider this scenario: You’ve just realized you need to comply with the Sarbanes–Oxley, and both your business processes and systems must be compliant. What do you do? You can develop compliance solutions in-house and hope they work. But if not, what then? Outsource the work out at a significant expense to a large BIG 5 consulting firm? Remember, this expense is in addition to the man-hours already invested in the project.

Why not reach out to a staffing firm and “In-Source” an experienced Project Manager, Senior Business Analysts and Developer resources specifically to manage compliance with this law and work along-side your own employees? Since these IT resources have already been working on Sarbanes–Oxley, they know the new processes and systems requirements from top to bottom. Time and resources are not wasted on false starts or missteps.
What Can You Expect From Intelligent Minds?
If you are ready to get productivity (and profits) soaring … call us today. We bring you 18+ years experience serving our partners with expert IT staffing solutions.